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Google Maps canal map overlay

View the map

On an Android or iPhone device you can view it using the Google Maps app. Download Google Maps from the Play store or iStore – then click the button to view the map….

On a desktop computer you can view the map in Google Maps just by clicking this link – it can take a long time to load. Google Chrome web browser seems to render it fastest.


View the map

Are you having trouble opening the map over the last couple of weeks? The new update to Google maps fixes this problem. Here is how you can get it. 

Or this post about the problem shows you how to downgrade

You can view the map on Android, iPhone, Linux, MacOS or Windows – or anything with a good enough web browser. If your able to download Google Maps from iTunes or Google Play. Just click the link below:

View the map

If the map doesn’t open in Google Maps:

First view the map in your browser while logged in as the same user your logged in on your phone.


Then open Google Maps on your phone. Click the menu icon top left:

Then click “Your places

Now click Maps tab at the top and select opencanalmap.uk

The maps will always be free but if you can spare a little...


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