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What can you add to the map?

1. Start by typing a place name in the box below – It should be somewhere near that Google will know about

(Takes a couple of seconds to load the map)

2. Now drag the red marker to the exact location – You can zoom in to position it more accurately.


3. Now add the information about the place

What's here?
Water PointToiletShowerElsanLaundrettePump OutRefuse DisposalRecyclingDieselGasPetrolChandlerSwing BridgeLift BridgeNavigation AdviceElectric hook upMooring with ringsMooring with pilingsGood Mooring with pinsShopCanal featureLock

Finally submit your data to us by clicking send - we will process it as soon as possible and you will be able to view it on the map.

The maps will always be free but if you can spare a little...


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