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Middle Levels, River Cam, River Nene and the River Trent

Added some more non Canal and River Trust waterways. These are sourced from an old project I downloaded a few years back – Google Earth Canal Maps. Not much mention of it online now – the project died. It was part the inspiration for this project as I’ve had that loaded into google maps on my Android phone for a few years now. It was only since CRT released it’s open data I thought I could add a few more bits to the map. Anyway – those rivers are in now – I found the locks / sluices on Wikipedia and used Google Fusion Sheets to geo-code and tidy the data. Hope they are correct enough – again this is another waterway I’ve not cruised on. Let me know if there are any errors – or add the facilities for the waterway here.

The image is of Open Canal Map in Google Earth.