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Added nearby train stations and hopefully made it load faster

Thanks to Duncan and John aboard Patience Afloat, Open Canal Map now features railway stations near the canal. Some are missing but it gives a good overview that Google Maps sometimes misses at different zoom levels.

Here is a link to their blog about the data: http://patienceafloat.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/railway-stations-near-canals.html

This was a bit of a shortcut – originally the plan was to cut down some data kindly given by Matthew from the fantastic website Rail Map Online – go and check it out – every railway ever built it seems! They have also recently launched a canal map showing every canal ever built – and a couple that never happened (e.g. Chroley to Preston) – here’s the link: UK and Irish Canals.

Also the layers have been cut down by merging some together – this seems to make the map load faster.